fundamentally concerned with or directed toward.

The Story of Sacred Archive

In ancient times clothing was designed for comfort and longevity. The ancient Egyptians utilised simple designs made from durable fabrics. Each piece was made with care and had a duty to last a lifetime.


In the age of technology, it’s now become easier than ever to start up a brand or pursue a dream. That’s why we believe it’s important to know our identity as a brand from the start.

Sacred Archive derives its inspiration from the historical and modern influence that has shaped society.

There are three key values we hold in high regard:


Being Ethical | Being Sustainable | Being Progressive

All of our garments are made with care; to be cared for. Fast-fashion is one of the biggest contributors to waste worldwide. It’s unsustainable and frankly unethical. Designing just to meet trends orproducing poor quality garments to make a quick dollar isn’t what we’re about.

We focus on producing simple pieces designed to get better with age.